ECHIGO SANJO Uchihamono (Forged Blades)


The production of essential farm implements, including sickles and hoes, dates back to the middle ages. Farmers made nails as a side job in the off-season, and this work later expanded to include kitchen knives, carpentry planes, chisels, pruning shears, utility knives and axes.
Additionally, pincers and other tools used in the production of blades are also made by blacksmiths. The skills and techniques used toproduce all these items have been preserved to the present day.


These items are produced in consideration of the appropriate shape and material for the intended use and are characterized by their ease of use, sharp, resilient edge and long-lasting durability.

How to make

The manufacturing process comprises multiple steps, including forging (forge welding), casting (smith forging), forming, polishing, tempering, annealing and straightening the blade, with each step performed by hand.