Echigo Sanjo Uchi Hamono


Production of essential farm implements such as sickles and hoes have been in production since the middle ages. Creation of Japanese nails began as a side job for farmers in the off season, and this evolved into the creation of many types of blades including kitchen knives, planes for carving wood, chisels, pruning shears, utility knives, axes, and more types of blades.
Additionally, the tools used in the production of blades, such as pincers are also produced by blacksmiths. The skills and techniques used to make both the products and the tools/implements have been preserved to the present day.


These items are produced with the ideal shape and material for each field of use, so they are all easy to use, maintain a sharp edge well, and are durable for long years of use.

How to make

The manufacturing process begins with forging (forge welding), casting (smith forging), forming a blade, polishing, tempering, annealing, straightening, and more, and each step is done by hand.