Edo Hyogu (Scroll Mountings)


The history of Hyogu begins in the Nara period, but the production area of Edo Hyogu was formed in the early 17th century, when the Tokugawa Shogunate was established in Edo. It's the beginning. In the 18th century, the same techniques and techniques as today were established, and in the 19th century, production using the same main raw materials as today was established.

Manufactured using the technique of "backing, underlaying, and overlaying" to attach paper and fabric with glue, and the technique of "cut-and-joint," which integrates fabric and paper around the main paper. It is used for various purposes such as partitioning of rooms and closets, interior decoration, and preservation of calligraphy and paintings.


It is characterized by the fact that it is manufactured by adjusting the concentration of glue according to the windy Kanto climate.