Kihachijo Fabrics

It seems that the island of Kihachijo got its name from the Hachijo cloth, and the island was a supplier of silk right back in the Muromachi period (1392-1573). Since the middle of the 18th century, very elegant striped and checked cloths have been woven on the island, and these kimono cloths and obi still have many followers today.

The yellow, brown and black used for this elegant woven silk cloth are distinctive and give this cloth a particular sobriety.


Honba Kihachijo cloths come in yellow, brown and black, and it is the combination of those astringent colors produces a silk fabric of refined elegance.

How to make

The dyes used for Honba Kihachijo cloths are all entirely natural and taken entirely from the island of Kihachijo itself. After the threads are initially dyed dozens of times in a boiled natural dye, yellow and brown colors are applied using a liquid made from the ash of camellia flowers or sakaki evergreens. Black color is applied using dirt high in iron dissolved in water. The dyed threads are then mounted on a warping machine, and using a traditional Japanese treadle loom, woven with the utmost care with a hand thrown shuttle.