Yuntanza Minsaa

The weaving of this cloth started about the same time as the Yomitanzan Hanaori Fabrics and is similarly characterized by its tropical feel and motifs. Production ceased for a time but was revived by elderly people who knew the techniques involved.

Meaning a narrow obi, minsaa is usually made from a yarn-dyed silk ikat yarn, which is woven up into colorful patterns indicative of tropical taste. Patterns are often floral and sometimes of a complex ikat type.


Yomitanzan Minsā is a textile with unique tropical colors that are made from ikat dyed cotton. Gushibana, sokobana and kasuri are popular patterns seen in the Yomitanzan.

How to make

Most methods are similar to Yomitanzan Hanaori. This also shares weft throwing by hand-shuttle, textiles with monbo or hanasoko and ikat dying.