Izushi Ware


Large quantities of kaolin were discovered in the area during the 18th century. With the help of the local feudal lord, potters skilled in the making of porcelain from Arita in present-day Saga Prefecture were brought in to help, and the porcelain made in the castle town of Izushi marked the beginnings of this ware. Subsequently, the number of kilns increased in and around this castle town and a production center became established.

It is now the only area producing a pure white porcelain and the sculptural techniques that enhance its beauty are of a very high standard. With its silky surface, this ware has sense of unblemished elegance and is refined in the extreme. The main items produced today are for the tea ceremony and flower vases, both with an enviable delicacy.


Among the porcelain-producing areas, this is the only area that can boast white porcelain of the "purest white." Furthermore, the sculpting techniques employed to bring out such beauty possess a very high level of sophistication. Izushi yaki, whose texture is reminiscent of silk, has a neat and clean charm and is filled with grace and elegance.

How to make

A local white porcelain stone is used as the main raw material; after the rough body is processed by means of patterning, sculpting, fretwork and pasting techniques, it is then painted and baked.